Sekirei Season 3

sekirei season 3

There is an increased interest in Sekirei season 3 release date but still it is not officially announced whether it will eventually be released. People on various anime forums are eager to find something new about this anime story. Almost all Sekirei fans desire season 3 to be accessible as soon as possible. Lots of rumors are around its appearance date.

People say the game is not over and as a result the new edition should continue it. Some say season 3 will come out but not too soon. People wish all seasons to be released all at once to protect oneself from depression. The truth is there are lots of other anime stories except for Sekirei season 3 but it is not the best answer for the people’s question. You can read the manga but Sekirei anime is more impressive and absorbing.

It is deemed that recent deadly earthquake in Japan and its consequences could postpone the release date to the uncertain future. But there is a question, could the interest on this anime decrease? I think it is unlikely, firstly because the consequences of the Japanese disaster did not affect anime and manga industry and secondly the shops have sales and warehouses continue to work as usual. Now, there is only a problem with electricity in Japan and they try to consume it less than before.

The fact is that Sekirei season 2 was released 1.5 -2 years later the release of season 1, so probably we have to wait long for its release. When Sekirei season 3 Japanese version is ready it will be translated into English in no time as there are many Sekirei fans in U.S. and Europe. The only thing that worries me is what format it will be in. For example, “School Wars” new format will be in the OVA but for the Ettie genre it may become ugly, since producers can go too far with fan service.

Some Sekirei fans were confident that Sekirei season 3 would be released in autumn of 2010, others ranted that it would come out in 2011. But when we looked back to the release of the first and the second seasons we assumed that nothing would  came out in autumn of 2010. Sekirei season 1 saw the world in 2008 and sekirei season 2 followed it only in 2010, so presumable sekirei season 3 release date was the year 2012. But this year is coming to an end without any clear indication of a release date and now many hope that in 2013 this anime will finally be released.  The third season seems to be the most interesting as the game is not over in previous ones.

The third season will be the battle for Dzinka. In fact the third and possible fourth seasons can be the last releases. Though, official information about the release date is not available yet but we hope that it will be no later than 2013.