Sekirei Season 2 Episode 1

Sekirei Season 2 Episode 1

First episode of Sekirei season 2 begins with a military operation of human army using tanks, helicopter gunships and the navy against Sekireis. Helicopters detected Sekirei and prepared to fire but it stroke first and as a result smashed and destroyed all of the attacking helicopters. Then Sekirei used her baton to initiate a strong earthquake that destroyed tanks and led the army to retreat. After that Sekirei used its sword and killed all of the retreating soldiers. And finally Sekirei used sonic waves that sank the entire navy.

After their victory Sekireis announced the beginning of their plan to create their unique new world free of disgusting things. In their opinion our world had been a victim of transgressor’s absurdity. The capital, New Tokyo became in control of 108 creatures called Sekireis and their masters –Ashikabis. They all had to fight one another until the strongest couple remained. And all this was called a plan of Sekirei.

Minato was destined to become one of the Ashikabis and Aku was one of his Sekireis. Minato was forced to play this game and was not really happy about it. At the beginning of the Sekirei season 2 episode 1 he watched the TV with Aku where it was announced that MBI took control of the territory on the border of Sinto and beyond, but the terrorist threat still remained high.

Then in that episode another Minato’s Sekirei called Musubi asked him to help get a cooking pot from the rack but when Minato tried to grab it they all fell on the floor. Musubi intended to prepare a breakfast and asked Minato to peel the onion. Musubi was Minato’s first Sekirei. Aku wanted to give them a hand in preparing the breakfast but Minato did not let her do this fearing she could cut or burn her hands. Aku started to cry and that resulted in the onion to start to grow all over the kitchen. Then on the ceiling Minato’s another Sekirei called Matso appeared. Matso tried to descend from the ceiling but the growing onion tied her with Minato and Musubi. After that appeared Tsukieme, another Minato’s Sekirei that became jealous when she saw them in a bandage with one another. Tsukieme started pouring water flows in revenge and that resulted in the onion to grow more rapidly.

Anime continued with a dialogue between the hostess of Idzumu Inn Kazihana and Mia. They remembered Kazihana’s late husband. Mia said that Sekirei’s fate was to be ascended by Ashikabi and that was the reason why Kazihana always returned there.

Then anime featured another Sekirei called Usume. Usume refused to have a breakfast with Minato and left the house. But before she left, Minato warned Usume that he would not let her or her friends to harm his Sekireis. That time Matsu was surveiling them with pc connected to video cameras. When she saw Minato she tried to get in close contact with him but Minato reproached her for that like he did it with other his Sekireis.

Next Usume is meeting MBI representative who accused her of assisting Kuno to flee the city. He warned Usume that if she did not comply with the requirement of MBI her Ashikabi called Chikho would be responsible for her deeds.

Then Usume visited Chikho in hospital. Then Sekireis were discussing some security breach in MBI and the identity of other Sekireis while washing in a shower. After that two Sekireis were attempting to escape from the city and Muni Tsubasa – protection spear 3 started to fight these fugitives. Then two Sekireis were talking and having a rest in a desolate building.

First episode of Sekirei season 2 ended with Minato sleeping and watching a dream in the bath tub and Musubi joining with him when he was asleep. All Sekireis were trying to have a close relationship with their Ashikabis. The same was about Minato’s Sekireis. Tsukieme saw them together and once again started to pour water flows in revenge, though Minato tried to convince her that nothing serious had happened between them.

Finally the episode ended with the announcement of the second phase of a game.